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Asia Region Headquarters

Chevron Phillips Chemical Asia regional headquarters in Singapore



Chevron Phillips Chemicals Asia Pte. Ltd. was originally established in Singapore in 1988. CPCA serves as the headquarters for Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Asia-Pacific operations and supports other regional offices, including offices in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam. The Singapore office was relocated in 2017 from its long-time location to its new home at 1 HarbourFront Avenue.


CPCA is responsible for the sales and marketing of Chevron Phillips Chemical’s products throughout the Asia-Pacific region, such as polymers, NAO/PAO, specialty chemicals, aromatics and styrene, and drilling specialties. These products are imported into the region from Chevron Phillips Chemical’s production facilities located in the United States and the Middle East and produced locally on Jurong Island in Singapore by Chevron Phillips Chemicals Singapore Pte Ltd. We strive to provide our customers with products and services that continually meet and exceed their expectations.

Community and Sustainability

Plastic waste in the environment is a challenge, particularly in Asia. CPCA is committed to actively helping the world find solutions to this issue. We are proud to invest in the Circulate Capital Ocean Fund and work closely to represent Chevron Phillips Chemical’s interests in the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, which is also based in Singapore. Our employees care about the environment, and we are working closely with all stakeholders in the value chain to create awareness on sustainability issues, to help accelerate infrastructure building in high waste leakage areas, to encourage innovation, and to actively participate in regional cleanup efforts.


We take pride in striving for Operational Excellence and to conduct our business in a safe, secure, injury-free and environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to accomplish this by integrating environmental awareness, health, safety, security, reliability and quality into our management processes using our Operational Excellence system.