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Chevron Phillips Chemical products are used in everyday items throughout the home, from insulation, appliances and furniture to household cleaners, office supplies and even candles.

Chemicals play a key role in many areas of your home. From insulation, appliances and furniture to household cleaners, office supplies and even candles, you may be surprised at just how many Chevron Phillips Chemical products can be used to make the things you use every day.

The electronics industry also depends on a number of chemical products for their manufacturing operations. From high-purity chemicals used in electronics components to monomers and polymers used for product packaging, our products help people stay connected to their digital lives. We are committed to providing and developing new and more efficient products for the electronics industry, particularly in the rapidly growing technology sector.

Consistent quality, a commitment to sustainability and a comprehensive product line make Chevron Phillips Chemical a proven, reliable supplier of chemical products for the home and electronic industries.

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