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Food & Agriculture


A growing global population means increasing demands on the agricultural industry for safe, nutritious and sustainable food. Farmers need to increase their crop yields and protect them from disease and pests. Agricultural and other food products need to be processed, packaged and transported in ways that protect and maintain freshness.

The agricultural, food and beverage industries have to produce and supply output that is safe, economical and appealing for consumers. Chevron Phillips Chemical provides a number of chemical products to help ensure the quality and safety of food and agricultural goods.

From agrochemical intermediates to flavor and fragrance enhancers to food packaging, we offer sustainable solutions to help you meet consumer needs.

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Expandable polystyrene beads and recycled polystyrene used in food and beverage packaging.

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Proven quality in the production of polymers, waxes and other products to enhance flavors and fragrances.

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Ethylene used in product packaging and light pyrolysis oil (LPO) that can be used as an insecticide.

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Industry-leading polyethylene pipe and fittings for irrigation systems.

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Polyethylene has many uses for food and agriculture, from milk bottles and other food packaging to the film used in greenhouses and tunnels.

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High-quality agrochemical intermediates and flavor and fragrance intermediates.

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