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Protect Human Rights


Protecting human rights is a core principle of CPChem’s commitment to sustainable development. We believe that prioritizing employee education and meeting ambitious benchmarks for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) enable CPChem to contribute to the socially responsible future we wish to see.

Holding Ourselves to the Highest Ethical Standards

CPChem is a proud champion of corporate responsibility.

Our leaders support a culture of open communication and empower employees to seek guidance and voice concerns without fear of retaliation. Upholding the highest ethical standards is of primary importance to CPChem, placing integrity at the core of our company identity.

Our Code of Conduct outlines ethical standards and compliance policies, providing employees with clear guidelines for making decisions that align with the company's core values

The Code's compliance requirements, including mandatory annual review and certification for all employees, underscore CPChem’s dedication to ethical decision-making.

Our Equal Employment Opportunity Statement highlights our commitment to strengthening our company culture and communities by providing resources to foster learning and encourage an inclusive work environment

Our Culture

Our culture is entwined with a commitment to diversity and ensuring equitable development opportunities. This culture reflects our employees, a vibrant composition of individuals who welcome diverse perspectives, propose innovative ideas, collaborate for change, and exchange meaningful feedback to grow.


Launched in 2013 our ICARE program and principles - Inclusion, Cooperation, Accountability, Respect Everyday - have shaped the company's diverse and welcoming culture. It is about blending experiences, cultures, talents, competencies, perspectives and decision-making styles to continue to build on a culture that respects unique differences and recognizes the perspectives of all our employees.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee-led resource groups (ERGs) at CPChem increase social awareness, advance our DE&I strategy and encourage important conversations about the employe experience. Our six ERGs seek to reinforce trust and bolster personal and professional development throughout the company


Dedicated to fostering an environment where Asian members and allies can feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work, be heard, valued, engaged, and receive support to reach their fullest potential.


Promotes an inclusive culture that enables LGBTQ+ employees to achieve their full potential by feeling confident and safe at work.


Committed to fostering an environment for those currently serving in the military, veterans and allies to come together and support one another by sharing experiences, networking, mentoring and supporting military members and veterans in the community.

Black Employees Leading in Inclusion, Education, Vision and Excellence

Serves as a forum to share knowledge, develop skills, leverage capabilities and recognize the achievements and advancement of Black employees.

Seeking Thoughtful Representation in Valuable Employees

Focused on driving collaborative conversation on career fulfillment with a focus on unique challenges to women in the workplace.




Hispanic Origin Latin Advancement

Serves as a forum to share knowledge, develop skills, leverage capabilities and recognize the achievements and advancement of Hispanic and Latin American employees within CPChem.

The Culture Evolution Program

Launched in 2021, the Culture Evolution Program features seven elements that champion behaviors on which CPChem’s culture was built and equips employees with the tools they need to be accountable to themselves and to each other.

Responsible Sourcing

CPChem aspires to drive socially and environmentally responsible procurement practices and strategies when procuring goods and services. We value doing business with companies that have a strong focus on ethics and compliance and are committed to respecting human rights and ensuring their supply chains reflect CPChem’s values.

Become a Supplier


Supplier Diversity

Through our Supplier Diversity Program, we cultivate long-term relationships with suppliers that are inclusive of minority groups, small businesses, women, LGBTQ+, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.

Our objective is to provide these suppliers with opportunities to offer innovative, high-quality, competitive, and cost-effective products and services in the communities where we work.


Supplier Principles of Conduct (SPOC)

CPChem enforces high ethical standards across our global business network. Our Supplier Principles of Conduct ensure that partners, suppliers and vendors adhere to the principles we uphold

The SPOC outlines expectations for labor and human rights, environmental responsibility, ethics, and compliance.

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