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Diacel® Adjustable Spacer

Diacel® Adjustable Spacer System Viscosifier Additive is a proprietary blend designed to provide fluid loss control and viscosity allowing users to easily formulate a spacer with the desired rheology and density. The viscosifier is compatible with most water based drilling fluids and cement slurries. It does not significantly affect thickening time.

The Diacel® Adjustible Spacer System (DASS) Viscosifier Additive suspends barite and other weight materials when used at appropriate concentrations. The viscosifier can be used in combination with appropriate surfactants to formulate a spacer compatible with non-aqueous drilling fluids.

Application Areas

  • Freshwater, saltwater, and seawater

Compatible With

  • All API classes of cement
  • Freshwater, saltwater or seawater slurries
  • Aqueous based drilling fluids
  • Non-aqueous based drilling fluids when the spacer design incorporates appropriate surfactants