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DIASEAL M® Lost Circulation Material

Diaseal M® LCM is a highly effective, high-solids, high-fluid-loss lost circulation squeeze material. A solid plug is formed in the thief formation when water or oil is squeezed from the slurry. Diaseal M® LCM creates a seal in the loss zone, not in the wellbore like conventional LCM. The seal cannot be easily disrupted by circulation or drill pipe movement.

Drilling Specialties’ experienced personnel can help you design a Diaseal M® LCM squeeze to fit your particular application. In certain instances field service engineers are available to travel to your location for on-site field assistance. Diaseal M® LCM has been used successfully since 1964 on thousands of wells combating lost circulation throughout the world. Diaseal M® LCM is highly effective in both water-based and oil-based mud applications. Diaseal M® LCM may also be mixed with cement to gain a small amount of compressive strength, adding to the longevity of the squeeze. Make Diaseal M® LCM your first line of defense in solving lost circulation problems.


  • Very dependable and easy solution to lost circulation problems
  • Does not require bypassing of most solids control equipment
  • Does not contaminate drilling mud
  • No risk of cementing up the drill pipe
  • No risk of sidetracking hole as with cement squeezes
  • Use instead of conventional LCM’s
  • May be blended with additional LCM’s on location to form a custom squeeze unique to the lost circulation problem facing the operator
  • May be used in both water base and oil based muds