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Drill-Well™ D294 Rheology Modifier

DRILL-WELL™ D294 Rheology Modifier (RM) is a proprietary product used for rheology control in oil-based drilling fluids including mineral, diesel, and synthetic oils. Once dissolved in an oil based drilling fluid, this modifier displays “flat rheology” characteristics (upon evaluation by typical Fann methodology in Drilling Specialties Company laboratories).

“Flat rheology” is nominally understood to be behavior such that values of “yield point” (YP), 6 and 3 rpm values and gel strength remain relatively constant over a wide range of temperature and pressure. "Flat rheology” maintains a fluid with good hole cleaning capabilities reducing the chance for stuck pipe and the formation of cutting beds. The use of rheology modifiers also allows the clay content to be restricted or eliminated altogether such that progressive gels do not cause surge/swab problems. This feature minimizes the fluid’s ECDs from exceeding the fracture gradient in the wellbore which helps to prevent losses of the drilling fluid to the substrata.

DRILL-WELL™ D294 RM maybe used over a wide temperature range of 40 °F to ±325 °F (4.4 °C to 162.8 °C). DRILL-WELL™ D294 RM is a liquid product composed of active component (52%) in a diluent compatible with OBM fluid systems.


  • Works at low concentrations to increase YP, 6 and 3 rpm readings and gel strengths in oil base muds
  • Does not appreciably increase Plastic Viscosity (PV) even at higher concentrations of product or in low temperature environments
  • DRILL-WELL™ D294 RM maybe used over a wide temperature range of 40 °F to ±325 °F (4.4 °C to 162.8 °C)
  • Works at lower concentrations than other rheology modifiers sold into the market today
  • Typical treatments range from 2.0 – 4.0 ppb of this liquid product
  • Works in oil muds of any density
  • Mixes easly at the mud plant or on the drilling rig no heating or high shear required to activate the product
  • Does not increase the HTHP fluid loss of the drilling mud
  • Is compatible with most other commonly used drilling mud additives
  • Is a stand-alone product
  • Is compatible with DRILL-WELL™ D244 Polymeric Fluid Loss additive from Drilling Specialties Company