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DirectDrill™ Extender

DirectDrill™ Extender is a supplemental co-polymer designed to work in conjunction with DirectDrill™ Emulsifier. New to the portfolio, DirectDrill™ Extender provides emulsion stability in direct emulsion muds during both static and dynamic conditions, and, is useful across a wide range of base oil ratios. The product facilitates formation of the direct emulsion during critical initial stages of fluid preparation. In addition, it provides suspension capabilities for efficient hole cleaning/cuttings transport and contributes to both HTHP and API Fluid Loss control. DirectDrill™ Extender, in combination with other Drilling Specialties Company additives, has the potential to tolerate temperatures up to 300°F / 150°C.


  • Stabilizes direct emulsion in extended static conditions
  • Provides suspension characteristics and rheology control
  • Compatible with monovalent saturated brines
  • Provides shale inhibition and stabilization
  • Provides HTHP and API fluid loss control
  • Suitable for use in varying aqueous solutions