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DrisFlex™ Additive

DrisFlex™ Additive is a water-dispersible latex. It is a versatile, total mud conditioner that stabilizes shale formations, inhibits clay hydration and reduces fluid loss. DrisFlex™ Additive provides a thin and slick filter cake. DrisFlex™ Additive can be used in fresh water systems, potassium chloride systems or sodium chloride systems.

DrisFlex™ Additive forms a film around clay particles, drill solids, and on the wellbore. It is advisable to maintain treatment to ensure adequate concentration.


  • Minimizes damage to productive formations
  • Coats shale to prevent or stop sloughing and swelling
  • Inhibits dispersion of drilled solids
  • Maintains rheological properties of the drilling fluid
  • Improves filtration control
  • Produces thin, tough, slick filter cakes and reduce slip stick tendencies
  • Reduces torque and drag effects
  • Environmentally acceptable - is used on land and offshore
  • No emulsifiers needed to ensure proper mixing
  • Resistant to calcium contamination and solids contamination
  • Compatible with PHPA
  • Compatible with most other commonly used drilling fluid additives
  • Stable to 300°F