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TORQUE-SEAL™ LCM/LPM is a new proprietary Loss Prevention Material (LPM) for use in casing drilling operations. Specially formulated this product has a broad range of particles which cover a wide range of loss zones openings. TORQUE-SEAL™ LCM/LPM contains particles in the right size range to achieve both loss prevention with well bore strengthening and more traditional loss circulation problems. This makes TORQUE-SEAL™ LCM/LPM multifunctional.

TORQUE-SEAL™ LCM/LPM first stabilizes the borehole by plugging minute surface flaws and gravel-size pores. If fractures begin to develop TORQUE-SEAL™ LCM/LPM acts as a fracture propagation inhibitor by screening out at the fracture tip.


  • Product is all natural and therefore biodegradable
  • Product is a high strength material with a compressive strength of >8000 psi
  • Product is a resilient material with an Elastic Modulus of 965 kpsi and a resiliency of 20.0%
  • Works in drilling fluids of any pH
  • Acid solubility in 15% HCl at 150 °F is 41.76% after a 16 hr. soak
  • Product is a low crush material and is less brittle than many other LCM’s such as calcium carbonate
  • Product is granular and packs tighter than fibrous shaped LCM such as cedar fiber or mica
  • Product is slightly deformable but not too deformable such that it forms a better seal and has a lower fracture conductivity value than other deformable materials
  • Product maybe used in high concentrations with minimal impact on fluid density
  • Product has minimal effects on rheology compared to other LCM’s such as cedar fiber and cotton seed hulls