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Butadiene Feedstock

Where It's Made

Chevron Phillips Chemical produces butadiene feedstock at its Cedar Bayou, Sweeny, and Port Arthur, Texas, facilities.

How It's Made

Butadiene feedstock is a co-product of ethylene production, separated by fractional distillation.

How It's Transported

Cedar Bayou product is pipelined to a terminal where it is then barged to customers. Product from the Port Arthur and Sweeny facilities is transferred directly to customers using pipelines.

What It's Used For

Butadiene feedstock is primarily sold for butadiene extraction, which is used in the production of synthetic rubber, which in turn is used to make tires for vehicles. Normal butane, found in butadiene feedstock, can be used as a gasoline blend stock or as an ethylene feedstock. The 1-butene in butadiene feedstock may be recovered and used as an alpha olefin, typically for use as a comonomer in the manufacture of polyethylene resins.


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