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HE® 300 Polymer

Drilling Specialties’ HE® 300 Polymer is one member of a family of synthetic, water-soluble polymers of varying composition and molecular weight developed for high temperature oilfield applications. This polymer is available as a powder and is an efficient thickener for a wide variety of fluid types including fresh water, seawater, brines and acids. It is designed to provide higher thermal stability than other water-soluble polymers


  • As an acid viscosifier, for reducing fluid loss, extending acid spending time and improving stimulation results by increasing live acid penetration
  • As a thickener for Slick Water Fracturing
  • As a thickener for fresh water or brines in workover and completion operations
  • In conformance control applications, HE® 300 Polymer provides superior high temperature stability. It is generally reserved for application where reservoir temperatures exceed 240 °F. It can be readily cross-linked with various organic systems, including phenol formaldehyde, resorcinol-formaldehyde, phenyl acetate-HMTA or hydroquinone-HMTA. Polymer loadings as high as 14 lb/BBL may be used in order to maximize gel rigidity in water shutoff treatments.
  • As a high temperature fluid loss additive in silicate drilling fluids


  • Hydrates rapidly in most aqueous systems
  • Resists thermally induced hydrolysis
  • Maintains solubility at high temperatures
  • Thickens brines of various compositions
  • Improves carrying capacity of fluids
  • Gel able with various organic cross-linkers
  • High tolerance to changes in pH