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Specialty Chemicals Accounts

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do business with you. We appreciate the confidence you placed in us, and it will be our pleasure to work with you.

Preliminary note: A minimum of three business days are required to process customer profiles. This does not include shipment preparation and transit time to destination; please refer to the order lead time policy. New applications or special situations may require additional time. Customers arranging their own carrier for transportation, please refer to Customer Arranged Transportation Guidelines.

Credit Application

Business Information

  • Please complete all required field with your company’s information.
  • If exempt, download, complete, and attach the appropriate tax exemption certificate and Texas resale certificate forms.
  • Chevron Phillips Chemical has a business presence in every state. We are subject to unannounced Sales Tax Audits at any time and must be able to show evidence of taxes collected or exemptions. If you plan to process payments as tax-exempt, we must have a signed tax exemption on file.
  • Please attach most recent year-end and quarterly financial statements. 

Customer Profile 

  • Please complete all required and applicable fields for your company.
  • The “Customer Profile Information” form must be completed in order to allow our customer service department to properly handle incoming orders.

Bank and Trade References

  • Please complete all required information for bank and trade references.
  • All customers are required to provide at least 1 bank reference and 2 trade references. 
  • An authorized officer must sign the form. We cannot check your bank references without an “Authorized” signature.