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Nose Guard® Masking Agent

Nose Guard® masking agent effectively masks offensive odor problems caused by trace quantities of gas odorants. It is primarily used to mitigate the odors caused by small residues of natural gas odorants or LP gas odorants clinging to valve bodies, odorant containers, shipping drums, and contaminated floor or bench surfaces. Nose Guard® masking agent does not eliminate the odor, but masks it with a pleasant light citrus scent.

Chevron Phillips Chemical's odorant delivery technicians carry and use Nose Guard® masking agent during all Scentinel® odorant deliveries. If you are not familiar with the performance of this product, ask the technician to demonstrate it during your next odorant delivery.

Nose Guard® masking agent should not be used in the following instances:

  • Odors arising from leaking gas systems should not be masked. Fix any leaks and clean the surrounding area if any odor persists. Ask your Chevron Phillips Chemical sales representative for a copy of our mercaptan spill response literature, which contains information on effective cleaning methods for mercaptan-contaminated surfaces.
  • The concentrated odors generated when cleaning odorization equipment should not be covered. Instead, efforts should be made to minimize the escape of the odorant to the atmosphere to prevent leak calls. Review the odorant MSDS for information on personal protective equipment.
  • Never mask an odor when its identity or hazard is unknown. All efforts should be made to determine the source of the odor and eliminate it if necessary. Other odor sources, such as sewer gas, can also indicate a hazardous situation.

Nose Guard® masking agent is available in liquid form in 5-gallon cans and 54-gallon drums. It can be applied economically and effectively as either a liquid or a spray.

Nose Guard® masking agent is classified by DOT for shipping purposes as a flammable liquid.

Ask our odorant delivery technicians to demonstrate how Nose Guard® masking agent can help make your next delivery odor-free.



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