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Orfom® SX80 Diluent

Orfom® SX Solvent Extraction Diluents are petroleum distillates and synthetically produced hydrocarbons manufactured specifically for use in metal solvent extraction operations. Orfom® SX Solvent Extraction Diluents are produced to rigorous specifications in order to ensure product consistency and to optimize phase disengagement in metal recoveries that include, but are not limited to, copper, cobalt, nickel, platinum, palladium, uranium, vanadium, beryllium, zinc and lanthanide series elements.

Container & Logistics Offering

Container Type

  • Package: Drum (~54 gal) & IBC (~275 gal)
  • Bulk: Cargo Tank, Iso-container, Railcar & Vessel

Shipping Locations

  • Package: Borger, Texas & Houston, Texas
  • Bulk: Borger, Texas, Houston, Texas & Benson, Arizona

Order Placement



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