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Managing Climate Change Risks

At CPChem, we understand that climate change is a global issue that will take action from all segments of society. The products we manufacture make life better for billions of people every day and are part of a lower carbon future. 

As a global chemical company that requires large amounts of energy to power its operations, we want to be part of the solution by reducing the intensity of our carbon footprint and promoting circularity in our products. 

In 2022, CPChem developed and established a target to reduce carbon intensity of our operations by 15% by 2030, against a 2020 baseline.

The planned approach to achieving this target will require the deployment of existing technologies in areas such as operational efficiencies, electrification, optimization of fuel gas systems and procurement of renewable electricity. 

Our Climate Risk Report provides additional details on CPChem’s efforts to pursue carbon intensity reductions. The report also includes information on our approach to managing climate-related risks, technology investments and actions to navigate the energy transition. 


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Enabling a Lower Carbon Future



Archived Reports  
2020 Managing Climate Change Risks

Sustainability at CPChem

CPChem is focused on innovating sustainable solutions, and we are proud of the headway we have made through collaborative efforts with governments, NGOs, trade associations and other members of our industry. By following our corporate strategy, working safely and relying on the expertise of our exceptional workforce, we are confident that CPChem will be a leader in sustainability across the petrochemical industry and beyond.

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