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DriscoPlex® 4000 / 4100 Series Municipal and Industrial HDPE Pipe

DriscoPlex® 4000 / 4100 Series PE Piping

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Primary Use

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) PE4710 pipe for potable water applications or applications requiring certification to AWWA standards. DriscoPlex® 4000 / 4100 series PE piping can also be utilized for a variety of non-potable water applications, including raw water, process water, sewer, and industrial applications.



DriscoPlex® 4000 / 4100 series PE piping is manufactured from a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material with an ASTM D3350 Cell Classification of PE445574C and a PPI TR-4 listed material designation of PE4710. The material used to manufacture DriscoPlex® 4000 / 4100 series PE piping is also evaluated to the toxicological requirements of NSF/ANSI 61 for potable water. Additional material properties are detailed in the product’s Data Sheet.



DriscoPlex® 4000 series PE piping is manufactured in Ductile Iron Pipe Sizes (DIPS), while DriscoPlex® 4100 series PE piping is manufactured in Iron Pipe Sizes (IPS). Standard DIPS sizes for DriscoPlex® 4000 series PE piping are shown in the DIPS Size and Dimension Sheet. Standard IPS sizes for DriscoPlex® 4100 series PE piping are shown in the IPS Size and Dimension Sheet.


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Solid black pipe. Solid black pipe with coextruded stripes to identify application is also available. Standard striping options include blue, green or purple stripes. White, gray, or brown stripes are also available. DriscoPlex® 4100 series PE piping’s striping pattern is four equally spaced single stripes to designate IPS sizing, while DriscoPlex® 4000 series PE piping’s striping pattern is three equally spaced sets of dual stripes to designate DIPS sizing. For more information on what applications each stripe color indicates, see the products' Product Flyer.



DriscoPlex® 4000 / 4100 series PE piping is either manufactured to ASTM D3035 and AWWA C901 for sizes ≤ 3” or ASTM F714 and AWWA C906 for sizes ≥ 4”.

Key Benefits of DriscoPlex® PE Piping

  • Heat fused, fully restrained, zero-leak joints
  • Excellent chemical resistance – does not rust, rot, tuberculate, corrode, or support biological growth
  • Smooth inside surface resulting in excellent flow characteristics
  • High capacity for surge pressures above working pressure
  • Unmatched combination of flexibility, toughness and durability for use in trenchless applications
  • Lightweight and ductility of pipe magnify ease of handling and installation
  • Outstanding resistance to fatigue against frequent surge events
  • Exceptional impact resistance
  • Long-term UV resistance for above-ground use
  • Minimized maintenance and lifecycle costs due to zero leakage, fully restrained joints, and excellent chemical resistance
  • High quality polyethylene piping with over 50 years of proven performance
  • Best-in-class abrasion resistance for slurry flow applications
  • Excellent stress crack resistance

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