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Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals



Made with a Purpose

Chevron Phillips Chemical manufactures, markets and distributes specialty chemicals for a large variety of applications, from aerosols and fluid additives to textiles and water treatment products. Our Specialty Chemicals group offers a range of sulfur-based products and hydrocarbon-based products, and we have production and distribution centers located all over the world to meet your regional needs.

Specialty Chemicals Applications

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Specialty Chemicals - Food and Nutrition
Specialty Chemicals - Fuels
Specialty Chemicals - Natural Gas and Propane

Additional Specialty Chemicals Applications

Dry Cleaning

EcoSolv® dry-cleaning fluid cleans and freshens delicate fabrics and is less persistent in the environment than traditional solvents.

Ethylene Crackers

Our E-Series® catalysts have excellent selectivity, stable reactor operations, resistance to carbon monoxide changes and a superb safety record.

Firefighter Training

Special live-fire training fluids like our E-III® FTFs can produce challenging scenarios that are safer for firefighters and the environment than traditional fuels.

Health and Hygiene

We manufacture many of the essentials found in your home, from flavor and fragrance intermediates to additives used to make cosmetics and medicines.


Our internationally recognized Orfom®, Molyflo® and Philflo® brands are used for solvent extraction, flotation, mineral collection and more.

Petroleum and Refining

Our petroleum and refinery-based process chemicals help exploration and refinery operations improve efficiency and productivity.

Polymers and Rubber

We manufacture chemicals and intermediaries that serve the polymer and rubber industries as chain transfer agents for polymerization reactions.

Water Treatment

We produce chemicals to assist in the treatment and cleaning of various water sources.